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Why Choose Us?

Starting with superior genetics, Nature’s CBD box ensures that every part of the process honors the hemp plant, the farmer, and the consumer. Our commitment to integrity, quality and consistency reveals proven results – tested, trusted, and the way nature intended.

Our Process

Plant. Cultivate. Harvest.

We only grow our hemp plants on sustainable family farms in the United States that must provide test results to prove purity of cannabinoids. After harvesting, the plants are stripped, shucked, dried and then milled.

Winterize & Separate

We combine the milled plant with ethanol and lower the temperature to -70 F multiple times to filter and remove solids, waxes, and lipids. Then the product is tested & signed off on by the State Department of Agriculture.

Turning CBDA into CBD

The decarboxylation process then raises the temperature to over 220 F to remove carbolic acids and turn CBDA into CBD, which becomes an active cannabinoid in the body once consumed. It’s then tested for contaminants & purity.

Distill & Refine

After the degumming system removes phospholipids using acid, we pass the full spectrum oil through a wiped film distillation system to separate the molecules, resulting in CBD with 80-90% potency. Then the product is tested again for contaminants & purity.

THC free

Finally, the distillate is run through a chromatography machine to filter out any remaining impurities before being tested one last time to ensure we’ve reached our quality control standards.

Our Mission

At Nature’s CBD Box, our mission is to nurture happiness and health through the safe discovery of CBD wellness products. We secure natural, organic, high quality products through trusted suppliers and then curate a distinctive experience – delivered.

Our Mission​

To help improve the quality of daily lives through offering CBD products at an affordable price. The team at Nature’s CBD Box believes everyone should have the ability to heal the natural way. We secure organic, high quality products through trusted suppliers and then curate a distinctive experience – delivered.

How We Work

Choose Your CBD Subscription Box. Once purchased, we deliver your CBD Subscription Box right to your door!

We will continue to ship your CBD Subscription 30 day-supply on the 15th of every month.

Your subscription box will include the following premium products:

CBD Isolate-1 gram

Tincture Oil-1250mg

Citrus Salve-500mg


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