What Is CBD Isolate? A Brief Introduction

So you’re thinking about incorporating CBD into your lifestyle, but are worried about additional expenses, the prospect of a drug test, and high potency.

These are all valid concerns, especially for users whose jobs regularly test for drugs or for those with tighter budgets.

Using CBD isolate will solve these concerns while providing the same benefits that full-spectrum CBD products do. Even those that just want an introduction to CBD will benefit from CBD isolate’s low-risk nature.

So keep reading for a brief introduction to CBD isolate. Afterward, you’ll be ready to use it for peace of mind and body.

CBD: A Brief Overview

CBD’s counterpart, THC, is a chemical compound that’s well-known for its psychoactive properties. But CBD is a chemical compound that is not psychoactive at all. That’s because CBD and THC both come from cannabis plant species — but from entirely different plants.

Marijuana produces THC-based products while hemp produces CBD-based products. As a result, hemp cannot get users high at all, making CBD a purely medicinal substance.

Full-Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate?

Products with broad or full-spectrum CBD such as edibles or tinctures don’t get users high. But these products still contain trace amounts of THC — up to 0.3%.

CBD isolate is completely devoid of THC. While users won’t get high either way, trace amounts of THC will show up on a drug test. It’s a lot cheaper than full-spectrum CBD, too.

Manufacturers produce CBD isolate through various methods, extracting it into a pure, odorless crystal. They may also grind that crystal into a powder for ease of consumption.

CBD Isolate Health Benefits

By influencing the body’s cannabinoid receptors, CBD isolate can help alleviate different physiological/neurological symptoms. That’s why users ingest it to potentially relieve/improve:

  • Cancer symptoms
  • Epilepsy symptoms
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Appetite
  • Mood
  • Memory

CBD Isolate Side Effects

While CBD’s therapeutic properties are powerful, its risks are mild. Experiencing adverse effects from CBD is usually from ingesting too high of a dose. CBD isolate is also not as potent as full-spectrum CBD, making it less likely to make users drowsy or dose too highly.

When taking CBD for the first time, take a lower dose than recommended and work your up towards that sweet dosing spot. Incorrect dosing might result in side effects such as:

  • Appetite and weight fluctuations
  • Digestion issues
  • Fatigue/drowsiness
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia

There may be users that naturally don’t tolerate CBD well, like an allergy, but CBD is generally well-tolerated. If you continue to experience adverse effects with CBD after continually lowering the dosage, stop using it.

Experience a New Way of Living with CBD Isolate

CBD’s host of health benefits has helped medicate its users for years. It’s why CBD products have spiked in popularity for users that need relief for debilitating symptoms. But users that want its effects without failing a drug test or breaking the bank will prefer CBD isolate.

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