The Dollar CBD Club: How Nature’s CBD Box is Disrupting The Cannabis Industry

A $1 bill does not go far nowadays – especially in the CBD world.. 

We’re changing that.

While many are curious about CBD and the wide-ranging benefits it can offer them, the price-point on many of the market’s top selling products is hard to swallow.  Just a quick google search on “CBD oil” will yield you results of $50-$75+ for just one bottle.

That’s where we, the team at Nature’s CBD Box, saw an opportunity to fix what we were seeing happen within the CBD industry. From inception, we set out to solve one main problem: price.

First, we partnered with one of the most well-respected hemp farms in the US – known for their premium-quality and 0.0% THC refinement process. We were then able to set up a deal – allowing us to purchase a mass number of units from them for a wholesale price.

This deal has allowed us to offer our consumers an extremely low price-point on premium-grade CBD, within a monthly subscription. For the price of one product from our competitors, you receive three from us – two ingestibles and one topical. 

The choice is a no-brainer, if you ask us! Whether you’re a CBD newbie, or a CBD connoisseur – Nature’s CBD Box is the best option for those who want to experience the healing benefits of high-end CBD at an affordable price.

Join the Nature’s CBD Box family today and sign up under our limited-time promo code: “DollarCBDClub” to get your first box for ONLY $1 + free shipping.


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